Whether its raising your house, building an extension or a new home, there are generally 4-5 steps required to get the project up and going –

Step 1 – Drafting your plans

At Designer Planning we provide an efficeint and cost-effective drafting house plan service to our clients. We know what councils and builders want to see on their plans, in consultation with our clients we can prepare a complete picture for your project.


Step 2 – Soil Testing

Once a soil test is complete our soil engineers can design correct footings and foundations.  Designer Planning can include this as part of our service.

Step 3 – Engineering

Our engineers sign off on the structural integrity of the project and ensure that the project is constucted in the correct way.  Designer Planning can include this as part of our service.  If you already have plans prepared by another architect or building designer, we can finalise the engineering for your project.

Step 4 – Development Application

This step may or may not be required depending on the scope of your project.  We can advise at the begining of the process.

Step 5 – Certification

A quote for private certifcation can be obtained from any registered certifier.  The private certifier requires plans that we develop with our clients along with the soil and structural engineers plans to grant building approval.  We can recommend several private certifiers at this stage.

Designer Planning can help our clients at every step of the way.  We understand there can be council hurdles to jump through at times, so we aim to ensure we make the process as pain free as possible. At any step you call our friently team who can take you through the process.

We service all areas of South-East Queensland including Brisbane (north and south), Ipswich, Sunshine Coast, Gold Coast and as far north as Townsville.