130T All-Terrain Cranes

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The one hundred thirty tonne crane is a powerhouse machine with the ability to lift nearly any jobsite load needed. Surf City Crane’s 130T is a Liebherr Mobile Crane, which means it is known for its peerless engineering and performance. It is highly regarded as one of the best all-terrain cranes in the world. With its ten heavy duty tyres, the 130T crane is suitable for all types of terrain. It can easily travel over asphalt and cement on roadways as well as the mud and rough of a construction site.

The 130T crane comes equipped with a great array of features. The stabilising deployment of the crane during lifting allows gives it a secure base to lift loads up to 130 tonnes safely and securely.

Surf City Cranes will assist you in building the crane fleet you need to get your job done quickly and safely at a great price. Our team will work with your project managers to ensure you have everything you need to get started on the job straight away.

Massive Performance

The 130T model all-terrain crane is designed with incredible power for the biggest jobs. To complement the 130T, Surf City Cranes also has a wide variety of smaller cranes suited for other jobs on the worksite. Be sure to ask about our entire fleet of mobile cranes.

Some of the features of the 130T include:

  • Deployable stabilisers on either end of the crane
  • Ten wheel steer
  • Extendable boom arm up to 60m
  • Safe and certified for public road
  • Quick set up and pick-up
  • Full service and maintenance records

We maintain all of our cranes with the best service records and maintenance to ensure that all of our cranes are completely reliable and safe.

The Brand You Can Trust

When you need a crane, Surf City Cranes is the only place to call. Our fleet of cranes are the very best in Queensland and Australia with a wide range of cranes for all types of jobs and requirements. Our reputation is flawless among our customers.

No matter how big your job is we have the crane to meet your needs and your budget. Contact Surf City Cranes for more information and the availability on our 130T All-Terrain Crane today!

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