Installation Instructions

Now that you have found a great paving product you have the choice to make, are you going to install the pavers your self or will you be employing the services of a professional.

For those that elect to do it themselves Horizon has produced a comprehensive guide to installation. See below to view this. Or select from our list of Recommended Installers

Why use a recommended installer?

Horizon has an extensive network of approved installers throughout New Zealand, the use of an approved installer has two benefits:-

  1. Piece of mind, you are useing a reputable installer who provides a quality installation.
  2. Use of an approved installer provides you with a five year product guarantee, Click to see our recommended installers

Veneto Installation Guide


Vehicular Veneto Application

Stair-Tread-Plus-Riser Instructions

One part stair Veneto

Veneto Kerb Unit Installation

Veneto Kerb Unit Installation

Incorrectly Installed Pavers

Correctly Installed

Remember installation can be the difference between a good and a great job