12-15T Franna

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The 12 tonne Franna articulating crane has been one of the biggest contributing cranes to the building industry, having been serving the construction and building industry Australia wide for 25 years from 1990 up to the present day. This articulating pick and carry crane has been so sort after on every building site. Its maximum lifting capacity is 12 tonne. This model has since been upgraded to a 15 tonne capacity by the manufacture.

  • Lifting capacity 12t @ 1.6 M Radius and or 1t @ 15.5M
  • Maximum system length: 15.86 + 2.66 = 18.4m
  • Machine weight 17,000 kgs
  • Highway speed 85 Klm/hr Max. Site speed from stop to crawl 6klms/hr 4wd

The 12 tonne franna is very versatile on lots of unprepared surfaces where no roads have been constructed or on muddy sites. Most house sites use them to lift flooring, frames, trusses, roofing iron and air conditioners for builders, as they are a very cost effective crane because of their quick travel time to and from site. Their ability to hook onto a load within minutes of arriving to site helps cost saving for customers who hires this machine.

Having a pick and carry ability makes this 12t capacity crane a fast and efficient machine for those quick jobs that are out of reach and too heavy for human labour or manual handling methods. Thisone machine can lift that of 50 men.

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