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The Franna Crane, also known as a pick and carry articulating crane, is a mobile crane that is designed to pick up a load and transport it to its destination. With their compact size and considerable power, they can easily enter a jobsite or warehouse, pick up their load, and zip off to the drop-off destination.

Franna cranes got their name from their most popular local manufacturer, Frank and Anna, which has since been bought by Terex. To this day, pick and carry cranes made by anyone are commonly known as Franna type cranes throughout Australia, where they are quite popular due to the distance between jobsites. This crane is quick to be lift ready, fast to shift the load and pack up for off hire departure.

Mobile & Agile

Surf City Crane’s 20T franna crane is perfect for smaller jobs and load transport. They have a host of features that make them ideal for this type of work:

  • Fully articulated four wheel drive (4WD)
  • Easy to operate and manage boom arm
  • Extendable boom length of 17.9 metres
  • Safe and certified for public road transport
  • Quick setup and pick-up
  • Full service and maintenance records

At twenty tonnes maximum crane capacity (20t MRC), the Franna crane has plenty of power to go along with its mobility and agility with a twenty tonne maximum load capacity. Franna cranes do not have stabilisers, which means that they are best suited for transport rather than multi floor jobsite work.

#1 in Brisbane & the Gold Coast

Surf City Cranes is the number one crane rental company in Brisbane and the Gold Coast. We are proud members of our community as a 100% locally owned and operated business. All of our cranes are fully insured and Surf City Cranes has an excellent service record that we’ve carefully maintained for more than ten years of experience.

Contact our friendly customer service team for more information and the availability on our 20T Franna Crane by calling 1300 444 737.

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