35T All Terrain Cranes

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Surf City Crane’s 35T All-Terrain Crane is a workhorse that is suited for all types of conditions, surfaces and weather. With all of the different types of attachments available, the all-terrain crane is an extremely adaptable and versatile piece of equipment. Attachments include hydraulic power tools, the boom arm, and much more.

The AT crane has rugged, off-road tyres to get in and out of tough or slippery areas. The stabilisers that are deployed during work gives the crane a secure base to lift loads up to 35 tonnes.

Surf City Cranes will visit your jobsite and review your requirements with your project managers to make the best recommendation on the types of cranes, equipment and attachments you will need to accomplish the job.

Durability & Power

Surf City Cranes’ all-terrain cranes come in a wide range of varieties, including the 35T up to the 75T, with different sizes in between. The 35T all-terrain crane is perfect for jobsite work as a versatile and reliable worker.
At 35 tonnes maximum capacity, Surf City Crane’s Liebherr 35T mobile all-terrain crane is capable of handling almost all loads and tasks on the jobsite or build site.

  • Deployable stabilisers on either end of the crane
  • An amazing 30m extendable boom arm
  • Boom attachments can increase the reach by another 15m
  • Safe and certified for public road
  • Quick setup and pick-up
  • Full service and maintenance records

The Leading Crane Hire in the Brisbane & Gold Coast Area

Surf City Cranes is the best choice for affordable crane hire in the Brisbane and the Gold Coast area. Our cranes are known for their reliability and longevity. Surf City Cranes keeps meticulous work and maintenance records, ensuring that your jobsite will be as safe as possible while maintaining a high level of productivity.

Contact Surf City Cranes for more information and the availability on our 35T All-Terrain Crane today!

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