45T All Terrain Cranes

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The all-terrain crane is designed for maximum mobility and quick setup and pick up. It has tyres designed for off-road travel that allow it to get in and out of the most challenging work sites. The 45T All-Terrain Crane from Surf City Cranes is a durable machine that is ideal for rough surfaces and difficult conditions.

Front and back end stabilisers are deployed while the crane arm is active, allowing it to carry up to 45 tonnes. The all-terrain crane is an extremely versatile piece of equipment. By adding different crane attachments to the end of the arm, you can re-purpose the crane to a variety of jobs and uses.

We’ll match the right crane for whatever job you have. Surf City Cranes will meet with your team to review your requirements and then make the perfect recommendation for the type of crane and tonnage you need to complete your job.

A Wide Range of Uses

We have a fleet of different sized all-terrain cranes. In addition to our 45T crane, we have cranes in all sizes from 35T to 75T. There are a number of great features for the 45T crane:

  • A fully extendable 35m boom arm
  • Deployable stabilisers on either end of the crane
  • Quick setup and pick-up
  • Safe and certified for public road transport
  • Full service and maintenance records

At 45 tonnes maximum capacity, Surf City Crane’s Liebherr 45T mobile all-terrain crane is an ideal crane that can handle nearly any sized job.

Gold Coast Crane Hire

Surf City Cranes is simply the best crane hire in the Gold Coast and Brisbane. We have the largest, most reliable fleet of cranes and heavy equipment in all of Queensland. All of our cranes are backed with a dedicated team of service technicians. We have all of the service and maintenance records to guarantee the safest and most productive equipment on your job site.

Contact Surf City Cranes for more information and the availability on our 45T All-Terrain Crane today!

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