80T All Terrain Cranes

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The 80 tonne crane is one of the larger varieties of all-terrain cranes available from Surf City Cranes. The 80T is a powerful workhorse that can handle nearly any job. This machine is versatile with the ability to travel across roads and highways as well as rugged terrain on the worksite.

This crane has off-road tyres with eight wheel drive suitable for all types of terrain. The stabilising deployment of the crane during lifting allows gives it a secure base to lift loads up to 80 tonnes.

Surf City Cranes will work with your project managers to determine the appropriate types of cranes you need for your requirements. We’ll make sure you have the best heavy machine to accomplish exactly what you need with an efficient, fast, and safe crane.

Powerful & Reliable

The 80T model all-terrain crane is one of the largest of cranes. We have a full range of different sized cranes of all types of sizes. With its eighty tonne maximum lifting capacity, this crane is suitable for the heaviest loads.

  • Deployable stabilisers on either end of the crane
  • Eight wheel steer
  • Extendable boom arm
  • Fly increases the boom arm’s extensions
  • Safe and certified for public road
  • Quick set up and pick-up
  • Full service and maintenance records

We maintain all of our cranes with the best service records and maintenance to ensure that all of our cranes are completely reliable and safe.

The Brand You Can Trust

Surf City Cranes is the premier name for crane hires throughout Brisbane and the Gold Coast. Surf City Cranes has built a reputation among our customers for great customer service. We have been the very best crane hire in Queensland. With our peerless service record and safety instruction, Surf City Cranes has an unbeatable safety record.

No matter the size of your job, we have a crane to meet your needs and your budget. Contact Surf City Cranes for more information and the availability on our 80T All-Terrain Crane today!

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