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Surf City Crane’s Hiab Crane Truck, or vehicle loading crane, is an all-terrain truck with a stronger more powerful lifting crane which has loads of power and versatility. There are stabilisers that extend from either side of the truck bed to steady the crane’s foundation during work operations to ensure safe lifting.

This self loading crane truck is a hydraulically-powered crane that is fitted to a trailer or truck. Hiab was the brand of cranes that invented this type of crane which is a UK-based manufacturer. In Australia, all trailer-mounted cranes are commonly known as Hiab crane trucks, regardless of the manufacturer due to their dominance and time in the market. This crane truck has off-road tyres to get in and out of muddy or tough areas.

Surf City Cranes will visit your jobsite and review your requirements with your project managers to make a recommendation on the types and sizes of cranes you will need for your job.

Versatility & Power

Surf City Crane’s all-terrain Hiab crane truck is a perfect tool for loading the flat bed with heavy materials for transport and delivery. The Hiab crane is easily operated and Surf City Cranes provides the fully skilled operator to assist the professional service that we offer with load shifting.

The Hiab crane truck is public road capable even with a full load on the flat bed. Surf City Cranes can advise on the types of load you need to have loaded and transported and the best means of facilitating your needs.

10 Years of Excellence

Surf City Cranes has built a reputation of excellence and reliability over their ten years of operation. They are locally owned and operated as a proud Australian business operating out of Brisbane and the Gold Coast. We have an Impeccable Safety Record with our cranes. This is due to our meticulous maintenance and documentation for all our cranes.

Regardless of how big or small your job is, Surf City Cranes has the crane for you. Contact Surf City Cranes for more information and the availability on our All-Terrain Hiab Crane Truck!

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